I Remember You

Johnny Bulford
Lisa Carver/Johnny Bulford


I remember you before the 80 proof had ever touched your lips and stole your smile.
You were the perfect mix of pure fire and innocence back when the sweet outweighed the wild, and even when it hurts so much to, I remember you.

Before all those little pills ever had the chance to steal your heart, your mind, your life and your soul. You used to lean on me. We were a family and I love you more than you pretend to know and even when you make it so hard to, I remember you.

Oh I know what you’ve done and what you’re hiding from, so you’re not alone and oh, I know where you’ve been in case you’re wonderin you can still come home.

I remember you. What else can I do? We shared a lot of sun before the rain. You will always be that perfect memory totally untouched by the pain and even when the whole world forgets to, I remember you.